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July 02, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

July 5th…get those sparklers ready it is another full moon, another eclipse! This

full moon also marks our 3rd (and last) lunar eclipse in the summer series.

Eclipses bring change and we have been experiencing plenty of that that these

past few months. We are positively swimming in emotions especially with all

changes happening in the world, emotions have been bubbling to the surface.

We have moved from staying home and taking care of ourselves and loved ones in

our quarantined world to standing up for those people who are marginalized and

fighting injustice.

This eclipse lets you turn your inner eye to see your own path….THE PATH of your life choices...to look deep into our own psyche and clearly see what has been driving you and what needs to shift.

Are you ready to turn the page once and for all?

This moon is all about supporting the continued flow of our destiny in action and

there is always true self-knowledge when you face and embrace that shadow part

of us, we keep hidden. The sea goats’ responsible nature should help you see and

release that which no longer aligns with your higher truth as we head into the

second half of 2020.

With the strength and determination of a full blast of moon magick, we can cut ties with anything that does not truly represent our most authentic self…but, only, if we truly listen, can we step into our true power and change the world we live in.

A lunar infusion is like making sun tea, but by the moon! Flowers and aerial parts

are best used in lunar infusions, but night blooming flowers like jasmine, and

herbs from the Artemisia genus tend to be best.

I personally love an overnight infusion of Mugwort, Sage, and Rosemary…but it’s fun to create new infusions every full moon. Sometimes I’ll go with all red colored herbs, or golden herbs. Or sometimes I will stick with mints. Have fun. Go wild. It is a full moon after all.

Since moon time is special to yogi’s (after all Lord Shiva himself has a half moon on his head as a symbol), we’ve designed a little sequence to lift our vibration and connect our bodies and hearts to the frequency of the full moon…breathing 10 breaths in each pose…Hero’s Pose (Virasana)… Mountain Pose (Tadasana)… Chair pose (Utkatasana)…Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) …Tree Pose (Vrkshasana)

The knees are most associated with Capricorn. Also affected is the skeleton, all bones.

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