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June 19, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Wheel Turns: A Summer Solstice New Moon… a ring of fire Solar Eclipse,

Mercury retrograde AND International Yoga Day!

Mercury is retrograde until July 12th. In Cancer’s watery depths, communication

can be, well, confusing. So, prepare to dive deep into the waters of emotion and

intuition and let the Moon guide you with a certainty that whatever comes next

will be better.

Summer Solstice (June 20th) is the longest day of the year, honoring the sun,

which astrologically speaking is the light of the world. To the Celts, Summer

Solstice is one of the ‘spirit nights’ (with Samhain and Beltaine) in which

spirits and the faerie realm are most active. And though we celebrate the sun,

Cancer, my loves, is ruled by the moon. What we have here is the combined

power of the Sun and the Moon…and the combined elements of fire and water.

The Solstice is already a sacred time where the veil between dimensions grows thin

but adding a Solar Eclipse into the mix just heightens the energy and brings us

standing at the entry to an evolving world.

“Welcome this vision of the new earth. A flood is rising, and though it threatens to wash us away, we will ride it out.”

Which brings us to our New Moon on June 21st …that wonderful once a month

marker that reminds us to look at old goals and set new ones. It is a time of

magic! The Cancer Crab literally loves its shell, carrying its h-o-m-e right on its

back. The zodiac’s Crab is all about security, so this new moon will ask us: What

does “home” mean to me? What are you manifesting?

Cancer rules the stomach, digestive system, pancreas, womb, breasts, sternum,

and lower ribs. Cancer Yoga not only opens the heart and awakens your divine

feminine power but can also alleviate indigestion. In meditation, focus on the

heart chakra.

New Moon Ritual

When I think about Cancer, I am reminded of the soothing and

power of water. Take a ritual bath to cleanse your energy under these


Pour in some sea salt (love Hawaiian pink) enhanced with a blend

of frankincense and sweet orange essential oils. And don’t forget the crystals.

Bathing with the stones is a powerful healer, my dears. I suggest charging your

waters with moonstone, which embodies the feminine as well as our beautiful

Luna and is said to enhance intuitive powers.

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