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May 13, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Get ready for an astrological roller coaster rider because from May 15-16
(12:14am EST-full moon) we will see a Super Full Blood Moon coinciding with a
total lunar eclipse...and to make things even more interesting Mercury is in
retrograde! The eclipse will begin about 10:27 p.m. EST Sunday night and over
the next few hours the moon will receive some sunlight through the earth’s
shadow changing colors from gray to pink to orange and then red.
In Pagan tradition, this is the Flower moon named due to the abundance of
flowers blossoming in May. May’s moon is also called Mother’s Moon, Milk
Moon, and Dyad Moon as a homage to Beltaine. The Dyad Moon symbolizes the
sacred marriage of the God and Goddess, when the two become one, when all
things meet their opposites in perfect balance and in perfect harmony. All this
makes May an absolutely magickal and electric month.

Eclipses are notorious for highlighting not only our shadows, but the
unfavorable behavior of others will come to light as well. A Full Moon Lunar
Eclipse carries the weight of a thousand Full Moons so the energy will feel
extremely intense. Lunar eclipses are associated with quick change, major shifts
in life, endings, closure and completion. The transformative sign of Scorpio will
force emotions to soar, and we will be guided to close the door on something in
our personal life, whether we are ready or not for this to occur. You will know,
deep inside, what those changes are, because they have been tugging at you for
months. Something needs to end, and this Eclipse is going to be the trigger.
What may bloom, however, could be beyond what you could have even dreamed.
Each year on the May Full Moon we also honor Hecate and the Rite of Her Sacred
Fires. She is a Triple Goddess as well as guardian of the Crossroads, as She can
look three ways at one time. Hecate’s themes are the moon, beginnings and
magick. Hecate rules the moon and opportunities. She opens the path through
which the old departs and the new enters. On this May Full Moon, She lights a
torch, illuminating the way to the future. As you move through change, let the
Goddess light your path.

Making Moon Water on the Flower Moon
 On the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified
water. (Can also make by the gallon).
 You can add edible herbs and flowers to your water, like roses for love
(including self-love) or lavender for cleansing.
 Place the vessel outside in a clear moonlit spot, making sure jar is covered.
 When morning arrives, your water will be charged with lunar energy. Drink
a bit every morning for body, mind & soul balance.

Can also be used to charge crystals, cleanse your energetic body and remove
stagnant energy by use in your diffuser.

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