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April 27, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

We say goodbye to April and those sexy Libra vibes and move into Taurus with the 2nd New Moon this month, a Black Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse...on April 30 (1:28 pm PST // 4:28 pm EST).

Black Moons, (AKA intensified New Moons), are a unique and magickal time because they occur infrequently... bringing increased intuition and spiritual awareness-they are one of the most powerful times for ritual and manifestation. The focus of a Black Moon is introspection, rest, and shadow work, providing the motivation needed to deal with unresolved crap. And they do that so well often ushering in a shift...manifesting a new theme of change and growth that will lead to long lasting results. Pile on the solar energy of the eclipse joining up with the grounded bull and we get the calm needed to stand strong in our authentic self and set our intentions around money, security, relationships. Setting clear intentions are like magick, but they aren't passive-they require your commitment and belief. Trust in the unknown now, because the power of the moon cannot be overstated –it pulls the tides of the oceans as well as our own emotions. 

Taurus Medicine

Taurus rules the neck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland. Now I the perfect time to clear that throat chakra Practice chanting solo or with a loved one to clear and charge your throat chakra. Try chanting (Om Shivaya Om, anyone?) and speak out your intentions daily for at least 3 days after the moon. Baby that throat with some soothing chamomile tea.

And, lastly, our goddess this month is Hecate-Her time is always that of the Dark Moon-most especially on the 30th of any month. 

“Hecate teaches us that the way to the vision that inspires renewal is to be found in moving through the darkness”.


Until next time,

Blessed Be


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