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July 08, 2021 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Feelings will be spilling out everywhere this Friday, July 9th when the New Moon arrives in the watery sign of Cancer, the zodiac’s sign of home, family, roots and emotion. This could be one of the most powerful new moons of the year as the moon is in its own zodiac sign. Moon ruled Cancer will be particularly emotional, but after the wild ride of the last few eclipse months we do have a lot of emotion to process right?

Cancer protects what is most sacred…a stable home and the desire to always feel safe and secure. We tend to look outwards when talking of home but think about this.

The moon rules the subconscious self while the sun rules the conscious self. When they join together your inner world aligns with your outer world. Maybe it’s time to reflect on your inner home. Ask yourself, do I feel at home within myself? Feeling at home within oneself is all about acceptance. Once you are comfortable in your skin it is easier to shift that peaceful confident state to your outer world and manifest that secure home, just as the crab strengthens its shell.

Altar Ideas for The Cancer Moon:

· Tarot card: The Chariot (new beginnings, moving forward, protection)

· Candle Colors: green, blue, turquoise, white, silver

· Crystal Allies: moonstone (as if it wasn’t obvious), selenite, ruby, rose quartz, chrysoprase…add seashells and sea glass

· Herbs: sage, lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary, honeysuckle

· Oils: frankincense, cypress, rose, honeysuckle and patchouli

· Statues: Cancer rules mother figures so…Yemaya, Brighid, Bast, Demeter, Ashanti, Freya & Gaia

Bath Ritual for The Cancer New Moon:

There is such a soothing and regenerative power to water…why not cleanse your energy under the Cancer moon. Pour in some sea salt scented with some rose, ylang ylang or a fave of mine...frankincense with sweet orange. Submerge a crystal or 2 to charge your bath with the healing energy of the mineral world. Suggestion: moonstone, of course, which embodies feminine power and the energy of the moon itself. A few dried rose petals (organic) thrown in for its' calming effect on the nervous system.

No worries if you cannot actually see the Moon from your window—it’s there and you will feel its presence!

Happy New Moon, Lovelies

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