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July 02, 2022 5 min read

The Best Yoga Postures for …

Yoga is an ancient practice that offers tremendous physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. In essence, the asanas are designed to strengthen the mind and body. They play an integral role in improving flexibility, relieving back pain, toning muscles, and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. The word "asana" is derived from Sanskrit origin, meaning "pose, position, or posture."

Before we look into the best yoga postures, it is vital to understand its core. Yoga is an amalgam of three essential components; asanas (postures), guided meditation practices, and breathing techniques. All of these constituents work together in perfect harmony to improve your health and general well-being.

Today in this blog post, we have curated a list of different yoga postures to help you with back pain, weight loss, pregnancy, and flexibility. Even if you aren't an experienced yogi, having a glimpse at the best yoga postures for beginners and starting to practice will help you kick-start your wellness journey. Let's have a look:

The best yoga postures for beginners

If you have never done yoga before, it's easy to think about it as a strenuous exercise requiring a lot of effort. But that'ssimply not true. Yoga can easily be practiced at a studio, gym, or retreat program. There are so many beginner-friendly poses that will help you reap the benefits of this exercise. Some of the best yoga postures for beginners include;

  • Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
  • Easy seated pose
  • Tree pose
  • Forward fold pose
  • Downward dog pose
  • Low lunge pose
  • Plank pose

These simple yoga poses can help strengthen your body, boost your mood, elevate your overall energy levels and improve your health. Moreover, starting from these beginner-friendly asanas will also help you improve your flexibility and get in shape.

The best yoga postures for back pain

Are you suffering from excruciating back pain? Do you wish to strengthen your spinal cord and improve your posture?

Yoga is a gentle practice that involves lower-back stretches to relieve back pain, soreness, and tenderness. Some of the best yoga postures for back pain that will also help you to improve posture and build muscle strength are:

  • Reclined supine twist
  • Standing forward bend pose
  • Plank pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Two-knee spinal twist pose

These body stretches help to mobilize and strengthen the spine. Practicing yoga daily for a few minutes can help you improve your flexibility and relieve back pain. The poses are also completely safe and beneficial for people suffering from spinal cord injuries. In essence, gentle lower-back stretches help stabilize your spine and vertebrae muscles.

The best yoga postures for weight loss

Do you want to reduce weight while rejuvenating your mind and body? Are you looking to shed unwanted pounds? If yes, then we have got some fantastic recommendations for you!

Here are some of the best yoga postures for weight loss:

  • Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)
  • Bow pose
  • Table-top arm leg lifting pose
  • Plank pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Sun salutation pose
  • Bridge pose

These asanas are targeted toward the abdomen, back, chest, hips, arms, shoulders, and abs. They help in toning the body by improving digestion and shedding unwanted fat. Plus, they help build intensity in your abdominal muscles so you can obtain the best results.

And the amazing part is that you can start noticing the results within weeks. Yes, you heard that right! Indulging in a yoga session of 20 minutes daily can help you tone your body and achieve your ideal weight goal.

The best yoga postures for pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful, wonderful, memorable time in a woman’s life. A new life is growing and breathing inside your womb – the sentiments associated with this wonderful time are so special. But it comes with a fair share of backaches and body pains. Developing a low-impact fitness routine like yoga can benefit your mind, body, and soul. If you are contemplating when to start doing yoga during pregnancy, this is the right spot for you. The best and safest time to start practicing prenatal yoga is during 2nd trimester.


Having a low-impact fitness routine will help relieve physical discomforts during pregnancy, elevate your energy levels, and help you prepare for delivery and labor.

Here are our top-recommended best yoga postures for pregnancy:

  • Balancing table pose
  • Goddess pose
  • Unicorn and rainbow pose
  • Pigeon pose
  • Downward dog pose

These yoga poses enable you to feel calm and relaxed while building core strength and improving flexibility. However, it is recommended that you consult a yogi fitness expert before starting your prenatal yoga journey. A customized plan tailored to your specific needs will be safer and more beneficial for you. We offer private sessions and retreat programs to help expecting mothers stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

The best yoga postures for flexibility

Having a flexible body is essential for living a healthy life. It offers a ton of advantages for your mind and body. Some of these include; improved posture, strong muscles, stabilized spinal cord, increased core strength, and less stress. It also dramatically reduces the chances of developing severe muscular injuries. A better posture also eases the strain on muscles and makes you feel calmer and relaxed.

The best yoga postures that will help you to improve flexibility and strengthen your core include;

  • Crescent lunge pose (Anjaneyasana)
  • Cat cow pose
  • Low-lunge pose
  • Garland pose

The best yoga postures for anxiety

Feeling anxious and stressed all the time can adversely affect the functioning of your body. Yoga is a combination of asanas, meditation, and breathing techniques. All these constituents help boost your overall mood by releasing serotonin, aka the happy hormone. Moreover, they also regulate energy levels so you can feel active and energetic-both mentally and physically.

To overcome the constant feelings of anxiety and tension, we recommend the following the below list of the best yoga postures for anxiety:

  • Hero pose
  • Fish pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Half-moon pose

The best yoga postures for digestion

Yoga plays an integral role in improving digestion and blood circulation in the body, and this boosts your metabolism and helps you lose unwanted pounds.

Here are the best yoga postures that you should try if you are trying to improve your digestive system and overall body mechanism:

  • Knees to chest pose (Apanasana)
  • Triangle pose
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Thread the needle pose
  • Cat cow pose

There are amazing and best yoga postures available for all conditions that contribute to the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. The results are amazing. They help you to improve your overall health and general well-being. Which of the above asanas suits you the best? Let us know! 

If you are looking for yoga retreats, private sessions, or yoga teacher training programs, we invite you to check out our shop! Let us become a part of your wellness journey by helping you practice yoga!

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