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July 02, 2022 4 min read

How Kundalini awakening happens and how to manage it

Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose and improve your spiritual health?

Have you ever thought about how unlocking the seven main energy centers in your body can help you transform your life?  

If you are wondering about how Kundalini awakening happens and how it can change your life - you have come to the right place!

Kundalini is derived from Sanskrit origin, meaning “circular or coiled.” It is also used to describe something that is “coiled up like a snake.” In Hinduism, it refers to feminine energy that lies at the base of the spine. Kundalini energy is a very powerful internal source of energy often defined as the activation of chakras (energy centers) that are located at different points of the body to fully awaken your potential and regulate the energy flow in the body. 

There are seven chakras in the body that act as major energy regulators. These are; root chakra, pelvic chakra, navel, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. All of them play an active role in regulating the spiritual wellness of an individual. Kundalini is a combination of energy and spiritual philosophy.

To explain it more efficiently – the Kundalini energy pulls the power from the base of our spine and uses it to unlock the seven chakras present in the body, in order to regulate the flow of energy.

Kundalini Shakti is the ultimate life force, creating power and divine feminine energy that ensures the proper flow of energy in the chakras through emotional balance, spiritual awareness, and the right mindset. It transforms an individual's life by giving him/her a deep insight into the spiritual self.

This detailed blog post deals with all things Kundalini, including, what is Kundalini yoga, how Kundalini awakening happens, and how to recognize and manage it.

What is Kundalini's awakening?

According to the traditional Indian Dharma, a Kundalini awakening is powerful internal energy directly involved in spiritual enlightenment. By practicing Kundalini yoga, one can regulate the flow of spiritual energy in the physical body by unlocking the seven chakras.

It is a divine form of feminine energy that enables an individual to reach a state of expanded consciousness and broadened awareness. It regulates the upward flow of energy through these channels. It is an exceptional spiritual transformation that opens your mind, body, and soul to remarkable new dimensions.

The concept of Kundalini awakening is often associated with creativity, power, spiritual enlightenment, and all things good and beautiful. People who indulge in regular Kundalini yoga sessions often have high creativity power and better perceptional skills than people who do not. Over the years, many yogis have practiced the art of Kundalini yoga to reach the state of spiritual enlightenment and to determine how Kundalini awakening happens.

This type of yoga involves a specific set of postures, meditation practices, and breathing techniques so people can unlock their spiritual energy. When the dormant energy lying at the base of the spine, like a coiled serpent, regulates through seven essential regulators in the body - the transformation is phenomenal!

How Kundalini awakening happens?       


The word Kundalini indicates 'something that is coiled up like a snake.' From here, we can learn how the Kundalini awakening happens.

This powerful feminine and creative energy or Shakti lies at the base of the spine like a coiled serpent. It is present in all individuals in the form of dormant energy at the time of birth. However, practicing yoga asanas, meditation, and breathing techniques can awaken your Kundalini energy. When this dormant energy is awakened, it moves upwards from the base of the spine and flows through all the body's seven chakras. This leads to spiritual enlightenment. The transformation process is beautiful! It is a remarkably powerful spiritual experience that leads to a state of expanded consciousness.

To awaken the Kundalini energy, a person must go through the process of inner purification. This can be achieved through meditation, prayer, yoga asanas, chanting mantras, or breathing techniques. All of these constituents help in stirring patterns of consciousness and emotional balance.

If you have been practicing meditation and yoga for a while now and wondering how Kundalini awakening happens – here are some signs that can help you to understand whether you are going through this spiritual experience or not:

  • You are experiencing a heightened state of intuition or spiritual well-being.
  • Your love for the Divine increases that transcend your ego. You experience yourself to be in a state of absolute bliss and peace.
  • You feel calm and present. You are focused on living 'in' the moment, and you experience immense bliss.
  • Kundalini's awakening is about all things good and beautiful. During this process, you start feeling love and appreciation for all things.
  • Your past traumas don't affect you now the way they used to do before. You have made peace with your past and are now enjoying the process of your healing journey.
  • Your creativity levels have been elevated. And now you have stronger perceptional skills and cognitive skills.
  • You have discovered a deep sense of your life's meaning and purpose. You make conscious efforts to fulfill your life's purpose. 

A Kundalini awakening can happen intentionally as well as unintentionally. These spiritual experiences are often accompanied by sleep disturbances and jerking spasms. Although the experience can be overwhelming, it enables you to reach a state of self-realization and self-love.

We hope the above article on how Kundalini awakening happens proves to be a helpful source of information for you. It is an amazing form of feminine energy that enables an individual to build a holistic mind-body-soul connection. Plus, it helps you to feeltruly connected to your inner self and reach a state of expanded consciousness.

If you love this blog post and wish to practice yoga and meditation to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and unlock your energy chakras, then we invite to you consider our kundalini courses, teacher training, and retreats!

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