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August 06, 2022 4 min read

Have you ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on self-care? Or why self-care is  important? Do you regularly find time to take care of yourself?

Indulging in self-care activities is clinically proven to boost your mood and amp up your productivity. This includes dedicating some time from your busy routine to yoga and meditation. It also means spoiling yourself every once in a while with luxurious baths. For some, this can be journaling or taking deep breaths every morning. For others, it can be enjoying and reconnecting in a wellness retreat. Self-care varies for different people. However, the main aim of practicing mindfulness is to improve your overall wellness and general wellbeing.

Self-care is crucial for maintaining your health because it gives you a sense of self-compassion and self-love. It encourages you to engage in physical exercises that are beneficial for your body. It also includes indulging in meditation or yoga to improve your spiritual health. Self-care also refers to eating healthy and nutritious food. Once you start implementing it in your daily routine, you will observe a dramatic decrease in unproductive and sick days. Additionally, self-care activities help minimize stress and frustration. They increase the secretion of the serotonin (happy) hormone. In short, these small steps assist in taking care of your physical and emotional well-being.

What is self-care?


Many people are confused when it comes to understanding the real meaning. To bust the myth, indulging in self-care activities is not synonymous with being selfish. In fact, it is a health-oriented approach that focuses on improving the overall wellness of an individual. This can be done by improving nutrition, engaging in physical exercise, practicing yoga, meditation, or journaling, maintaining your hygiene, and taking care of your mental and physical health.

According to WHO, self-care is defined as the ability of individuals to maintain their health and promote the active management of illnesses.

It is more of a lifestyle that enables people to intentionally take care of their physical and mental health. This multi-dimensional system is solely focused on enhancing the well-being of an individual. Please remember that self-care is a priority and not a luxury. Make intentional efforts to include self-care activities into your daily routine. Why? Because they help you to restore balance and eliminate stressors from your life. There are 5 major areas of your life where this is especially vital:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social

Benefits of self-care

Why self-care is important? Because it has numerous benefits that can help you improve the overall quality of your life. It also helps in improving your interaction and building healthy relationships with other people. You can never pour from an empty cup. Similarly, you need to look after yourself first so you can take care of your loved ones better. Indulging in self-care means eating well, getting enough sleep, moving your body, relaxing, and practicing physical and mindful exercises. In the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives, this aspect of taking care of ourselves is often neglected. Thus, you need to find some time to nurture your well-being intentionally and actively. Naturally, this will have amazing effects on your physical and mental health – when you feel better from the inside, you radiate positivity and happiness on the outside.

Here are some benefits associated with self-care that make it an integral part of an individual’s life. Let’s have a look:

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Self-care enables you to be more resilient. Taking care of yourself helps you manage stress and anxiety. In the midst of everything that is happening in real life, dedicating a few minutes to self-care activities can help you to become more relaxed, focused, and entered. Inner happiness and satisfaction play an integral role in eliminating outside stressors.

Amps up productivity

If you are struggling with low energy levels or have trouble focusing on work, we can help you out.

Self-care activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques enable you to enhance your concentration and elevate your energy levels.

Helps you relax and slow down

When was the last time you actually took some time off to relax? Or said ‘no’ to something that you didn't want to do?

When you gain an understanding of your psychological needs, you invest your energy in places where it matters the most. Self-care also means protecting your energy and taking regular breaks to restore life balance – it helps you re-focus. In addition, it activates the parasympathetic mode. The ‘rest=restore’ mode helps your body calm down and relax.

Improves the functioning of your immune system

Another very important aspect of self-care is eating well.

Fueling your body with healthy and nutritious food and vitamins/supplements helps you strengthen your immune system. This keeps the occurrence of dangerous infections and diseases at bay.

Improves self-esteem

Self-care helps you to build feelings of self-compassion that ultimately improve your self-esteem. You are deserving of love and care. When we begin to understand ourselves, we gain a better perception of life. Mindful practices such as journaling and brain dump can help you to understand your emotions.

Helps you to build healthy relationships

As we mentioned before, when you are happy and fulfilled from the inside – you radiate positivity on the outside. Taking care of yourself helps you build healthy relationships. Setting up social boundaries enables you to keep your sanity, and be fully present and there for your loved ones without draining your energy.

Enables you to ameliorate your physical and mental health

Self-care activities such as yoga and meditation help in building a deep connection between mind, body, and soul. When you engage daily in such a session, you can feel an overall sense of improvement in your physical and mental health. Having a regular self-care regimen can help you build strength and resilience. In addition to this, it also boosts your self-confidence which is ultimately linked with feelings of worthiness.


We hope that now, you understand why self-care is important. To help you on this journey, we offer numerous yoga and anxiety relief retreats, courses, and experiences that can assist you with developing and sustaining a self-care regimen. Let us become a part of your new chapter and help you improve your physical and mental health.

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