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What style of Yoga is the Full Circle Yoga School Teacher Training?


At Full Circle Yoga School, we teach Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. You will also learn elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Trauma Informed Yoga.

How proficient in Yoga do I have to be to do the Full Circle Yoga School Teacher Training?


We ask that you have a minimum of 3-6 months of experience with yoga, however, we've had students with less experience than that complete very successfully. You can be at any level in your physical asana practice. We create a safe and open learning space for all students to grow in their personal practice, enhancing their future teaching style to have access to teach to an all levels class. We have had students with injuries, disabilities, and health conditions successfully complete our trainings. We want students to journey on with correct alignment and to avoid injury. We would rather someone with less experience complete our training so they can learn these crucial elements rather than waiting for more experience thus putting themselves at risk of injury.


What will I learn in the 200 Hour Teacher Training?


Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita Intro, Yoga Sutras, Tantra, Hatha, Seat of the Teacher, Yogas Journey to the West, Yoga Styles, Bandhas, The Five Sheaths, Prana, Nadis, Chakras, Gunas, Doshas, Subtle Energy, Creating Space for Self-Transformation, The Physical Setting, Classroom Set up & Orientation, Class Levels & Prerequisites, Class Etiquette, Waking up the Spiritual Environment, Archetypes & Mythology, Creating Happy Space, Space for Healing, Holding Integrated Space, Teaching who is in front of you, Voice & Language, Basic Elements of Asana Practice, Instructing Asana, General Principles in Physical Cues & Adjustments, Modifications, Variations & Props, Teaching Meditation, Guided Meditation Techniques, When to Meditate, Meditating Amid Flow of Body & Breath, Principles of Sequencing, Basic Arc & Structure of Class, Sequencing within Asana Families, Planning Specific Classes, Chakra Model of Sequencing, Popular Hatha Sequences & Creating your class, New to Yoga, Working with Injuries, Working with Depression, Teaching in Alternative Settings, Working with Pregnant Students, YTT & Certs, Apprenticing, Teaching Opportunities & Remuneration, Business of Yoga, Cultivating Abundance, Preserving Abundance, Regulation of the Profession, Path of the Teacher, Trauma Informed Verbiage

What workshops are included in the Yoga Teacher Training?


200 Hours:

  • The history and philosophy of yoga

  • Spirituality, mysticism and energy bodies

  • Yogic lifestyle and applying the 8 limbs to daily life

  • Ayurvedic eating and nutrition

  • Chakra balancing

  • Meditation techniques

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Yoga class sequencing and structure

  • The business of yoga

  • Healing trauma within yourself and others

  • Laws of manifestation and abundance

Which books and materials are required for the

Yoga Teacher Training?


200 Hour Required Reading:

  • Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques by Mark Stephens

  • Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students, 3rd Edition 

How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time?


On average, we have between 8-12 students per training. We believe the cohesion
and intimacy of the group plays a huge part in the power of the training as well as
the safety. This also ensures that students are able to receive personalized one to
one mentoring with the facilitators. We intend to keep groups to a maximum of
15-20 people depending on location. Apply early to assure your spot.
We require a minimum of six students to hold the training. Reaching our minimum
has never been a problem but with changing conditions we feel the need to be
clear on this policy. We recommend you purchase travel insurance.

How many hours of yoga do we practice a day?


Students will have a daily 90 minutes of morning practice, practice during Practice Teaching, and some evening practices.Asana Lab is an interactive workshop and there will be poses that are practiced during that time to adjust, align and understand the structure of each posture. Asana labs typically are 2 hours long followed with hands on adjustment practices and practice teaching.Our anatomy classes are also interactive to learn the patterns of the muscles during a yoga class and students are able to visualize and understand the movements that are created through cues.

Are there any days off during the Yoga Teacher Training courses?


As this is a true immersion of 200 hours in 15 days, you will not have a day off. If you book our Bali training which is 21 days you will have every 6th day off for a total of 3 days off during training. The hours are very important to ensure your completion for registering as Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. Please contact us about staying extra days to site see and have time to enjoy the beauty of your location.


What will I learn in Asana Labs?


Asana Labs include:

  • Breakdown of postures 

  • Hands on adjustments

  • Alignment adjustment

  • Depth adjustment

  • Visual aide

  • Understanding activation

  • Physical aspects of the posture

  • Energetic connection

  • Emotional connection

  • Systems balanced

  • Doshic properties

  • Mythological aspects

  • Cue break downs

What does a sample schedule look like?


200 Hours:

​6:00-7:30am: Hatha/Vinyasa chakra balancing yoga class

7:30-8:00am: Breakfast

8:00-9:00am: Homework review, chakra review, 8 limbs discussion 

9:00-11:00am: Asana workshops

11:00-1:00pm: Practice teaching 

1:00-2:00pm: Lunch 

2:00-2:30pm: Chakra infused meditation, pranayama, and savasana

2:30-4:00pm: Workshops 

4:00-6:00pm: Workshops

6:00-6:30pm: Snack Break

6:30-8:00pm: Evening asana, satsang, or special event

What should I pack for Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Yoga mat any other props you personally like to use 

  • Cocoa Beach we have mats, bolsters, straps, blankets 

  • 3 inch binder for hand-outs 

  • 1-2 notebooks with lined paper

  • Journal for personal writing and reflections

  • Pens/pencils and highlighters

  • Large water bottle

  • Yoga clothes

  • Yoga tops- easy to move in and comfortable/modest 

  • Yoga Bottoms- leggings, capris and modest shorts 

  • Beach attire 

  • Beach towel

  • You’re welcome to join in on the colors of the day- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and white 

  • White graduation attire (no patterns or colors) 

  • Natural sunscreen (must be ocean safe and chemical free) 

  • Natural bug spray (no DEET) 

Where will I stay during Full Circle Yoga School Teacher Training?

Our student house in Cocoa Beach, Florida is about a five minute drive from the studio/school. With beachy vibes and plenty of space to practice teach in the evenings, or to simply enjoy a refreshing coconut water in the garden, our house is right next to the banana river (hello sunset) and opposite the beach (hello sunrise).

Please visit your teacher training location page to discover the beauty and lodging option for Bali, California, Hawaii, Florida Keys, and Peru trainings.

Is there a minimum age requirement to take the training? 


Traveling students must be 18 years of age. We accept younger students at the age of 16 and older, they must be accompanied by a parent taking the training if under 18.


I am an older student? Can I take the training?

Will I fit in?


We have had students in their 70's complete our trainings very successfully. Student ages average from 18-50's.

Can I take this training if I’m pregnant?

We have had several pregnant students successfully complete our trainings. Yoga is accessible for everyone and this is an incredible and bonding experience for everyone! Having other students work with a fellow student who is pregnant is an amazing and beautiful experience and gives a furthered education of what to actually expect for future pregnant students as mommy to be will have a full understanding of modifications and what the body can do during yoga while carrying the precious being. We do ask for you to wait through your first trimester to keep you and baby as safe as possible. Second and Third trimesters are the best time as you've moved through any potential complications. Please contact us if you have questions about your particular situation.

How long has Full Circle Yoga School been in business?


We have graduated close to 500 students since we started our Yoga School 6 years ago! 


Are you a Yoga Alliance Registered School (RYS)?

Yes, Full Circle Yoga School is a registered Yoga Alliance school. After completion of your training, you will be  able to register with Yoga Alliance to become a RYT (registered yoga teacher). We highly recommend looking our school up on Yoga Alliance as well as any school you are considering. Some schools claim to be certified and are not. Yoga Alliance reviews can not be deleted or altered by the school. If a school has stars but no written reviews on Yoga Alliance it is because the school has chosen to not allow the words written by students to show. We feel this is a red flag. Make sure your school choices have been thoroughly researched and that you can read written reviews as this is the best and most accurate way to gain insight on what it's like to a student in your training.

Do you offer payment plans?


We do offer long term and short term payments on tuition, we set up a monthly payment plan that is to be completed prior to the arrival date of the training. If other arrangements need to be made we are able to extend in certain circumstances. Lodging and meal plan fees are to be paid prior to your arrival date unless you've made special arrangements.

What is Full Circle Yoga School’s Refund and Cancellation Policy?

We have a page dedicated to our refund and cancellation policies. Please DO read it in its entirety before your training.