All of the following are for the safety and efficacy of our students, teachers, and school

Attendance Policy:
The requirements of this 200-hour yoga teacher training program comply with the Yoga Alliance National Teacher Training Registration Standards. Full Circle Yoga School is an approved 200 RYS and 300 RYS school of Yoga Alliance. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, you will receive a graduation certificate of completion from Full Circle Yoga School verifying your program completion.
To meet Yoga Alliance's minimum training standards, you must attend each day in its entirety and complete all supplemental assignments associated with each day. You are expected to be on time for each class. Late arrival or partial participation of any day will be deducted from your 200-hour requirement and subject to make-up (details below).


We understand that unexpected events may occur. In those situations, you will be required to make up the content and hours missed. To make-up missed time, you must schedule private sessions with the teacher training lead or co facilitator. Private sessions cost $120/hour. Please note that private sessions will be limited and availability is not guaranteed. Thank you for your participation and understanding.

Dismissal Policy:
Full Circle Yoga School is a top rated school that has graduated over 200 students in it's evolution and we have over 100 reviews on the Yoga Alliance website that can not be edited or changed by our school. We go above and beyond in our yoga teacher trainings. Our immersions naturally bring up past trauma and buried emotions. We are here to help you and support you on your journey in becoming a yoga teacher. Please note that there is a difference between communicating questions, course concerns, and your personal needs in a compassionate solution oriented way as compared to bringing these same situations to us with negativity, confrontation, speaking negatively to lead teachers or complaining to or in front of fellow students. The latter will not be tolerated. If a situation were to arise in which a facilitator feels a student is being disrespectful, rude, or complaint oriented a private meeting will be scheduled with the student and facilitator team to remedy the situation with a solution. If after the meeting the facilitator team continues to witness the same student having discord within the training or making fellow students uncomfortable, the Lead Facilitator has the right to ask student to leave the training immediately forfeiting graduation without refund.
All of the following if violated are all grounds for dismissal without refund and forfeiting graduation:


  • Drinking alcohol is prohibited during your entire training. This includes evenings when you are off.

  • Absolutely no intimate contact with other students during training in the form of sleeping together or sexual relations. If you find yourself attracted to someone romantically it must wait until after graduation.

  • No smoking of any kind on or in studio or student house property.

  • Browsing internet, texting, etc during training hours and classes is not permitted.

  • No laying down or sleeping during class time.

  • Be on time. Being late will lead to extra classes and make up time that will have to be made up outside of an already packed day. Lateness immediately puts your graduation in jeopardy.

  • Keep the foods you have in your living space healthy and clean. Although we don’t require a certain diet or monitor students food intake we recommend following the diet recommendations in your welcome letter.

Refund Policy:
Full Circle Yoga School, Full Circle Wellness LLC, reserves the right to cancel a teacher training program at any time. In the event that Full Circle Yoga School cancels a program, you will receive a full refund, including your non-refundable deposit. Cancellations for students made 60 days prior to the program start date are subject to a full refund, minus the non-refundable deposit. Within 60 days of the program start date, no refunds will be given. No exceptions. Full Circle Yoga School is unable to offer partial program completion, or transfers into another program in the event of extenuating circumstances. No credit or refund will given if you do not show up for a program; or if you leave a program early for any reason. Please acknowledge that refunds will not be given if you are dissatisfied with the program in any way. By submitting an application and registering for a program, you acknowledge and agree to these policies without exception.

Complaints & Grievances Policy:

Full Circle Yoga School is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformation with the guidelines, ethics, and standards of Yoga Alliance the governing agency of yoga teacher training certification. During a training event, the trainer responsible for conducting the training has the authority from Full Circle Yoga School to address any concerns that arise during the actual training. Every effort will be made to address the concerns during the training to include changing practice partners, addressing staff issues, speaking to students about graduation being in jeopardy if they are not participating, late, missing classes, on their cell phones during teaching contact hours, etc. in accordance to our Attendance and Dismissal Policies. If the trainer is unable to address the participant’s concerns, the complaints and grievances shall be presented in writing to Jolie Wilson, Owner Full Circle Wellness LLC. All complaints and grievances are reviewed as quickly as possible and will be investigated and reported to Yoga Alliance, statements will be taken from other students in the training group, all teachers in the training, and we will respond to your email within 5-10 working days. Formal grievances are required to be written by the student and emailed to Jolie Wilson,