40 Day Miracle Life Alignment Activation

Are you someone who…

  • wants to let go of some things? Beliefs, behaviours, habits?

  • wants to level up and expand their life?

  • feels inner conflict between their authentic self and the self they feel society is asking them to be?

  • wants to learn how to manage their energy and overcome overwhelm, anxiety, feeling lost?

  • wants to join a movement of conscious, like-minded beings who care for themselves, their community and their planet?

  • has been hoping for a supportive experience to help achieve a 40-day sadhana (personal meditation commitment)?

If you are open to receiving what it is you truly need.
If you don’t know about my work, I help support beautiful beings to release that inner conflict and to stepping into a life of beauty, fun, health, happiness, abundance, honour, sacredness, alignment and quite simply miracles.

The main point is, we are here to live! For all our actions to be full of life, for all our work to be life-giving.

However, don’t we all know it, 2020 was a huge year. Whilst different, it is made many people even more resolute that they are ready to step into a different way of living. Or it made some recognise where their life may not be aligned anymore because they are noticing growing inner conflict.

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I LOVE taking people through this course, mainly because I have SEEN the powerful transformations.

  • Everything is designed to offer support & self care, techniques and the latest tools to support your highest growth and is guided to help you integrate knowledge, self awareness and to develop this powerful daily practice

  • Each week and each day focuses on a different theme and affirmation, guiding you through powerful transformation.

  • Throughout the whole course, you will get a fundamental understanding of meditation, kundalini yoga, energy work, energy alchemy and manifestation

This course aims to support you completely. You learn everything in a way that you can take it home and use it in your life straight away. My ethos is teaching in a way that you become your own teacher.

This course is a safe and sacred space to explore your potential.

But don’t take my word for it.. Jump in and experience it for yourself.

Infinite blessings to you x x

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During This Course You'll Learn

Receive fundamental teachings in meditation, kundalini yoga, self-care, energy work, conscious relationships, energy alchemy and manifestation

Clear away behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you

Set yourself on a path towards your highest truth and manifestation

Relax and awaken to your most empowered self

Material Includes

~ 40 x guided meditation videos, one per day

~  40 x curated affirmations designed for a transformational experience and to help you manifest even faster and clearer

~ 7 x weekly "soul-work" worksheets to assist, support and guide this transformational journey

~ 4 x deep dive Masterclass style classes with advanced knowledge and empowering, activating content

~ 1x complete, next-level "Higher Self" Kundalini style Yoga class

~ 1x Guided Final Celebration Ceremony, including sacred fear-releasing & Miracle Life Manifestation workshop

~ Q & A support feature where your questions can be answered at any point in the course

Yoga at Home


~ Commit to at least 5 minutes of meditation daily for 40 days, the daily guided meditation videos range between 9-15 minutes long.

~ Spend 1-2 hours per week watching additional content and journalling/contemplating the themes.

~ Be open to transformation and miracles, be open to receiving that which you truly want.

~ Show up - strive to be authentic, honest, and do your best

~ Judgement-free zone: Do not judge the course, others, the material and especially yourself.

Target Audience

~ All ages, all beings who want to discover a new depth to life

Notebook and Pen

Live even more free, happy and healthy

Be acknowledged and self-empowered as the co-creator of your reality

Discover energy and relationships in a whole new light

Learn advanced self-care techniques and tools


Week 1 - Grounding, Breathing & Intention

Class: Grounding, Breath & Intention 22:20 Week 1: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 1 16:38 Day 2 8:58 Day 3 10:50 Day 4 9:01 Day 5 10:55 Day 6 8:24 Day 7 7:41 Module 1 Journal

Week 2 – Energy & Me

Class: Energy & Me 50:06 Week 2: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 8 10:27 Day 9 7:51 Day 10 10:00 Day 11 9:48 Day 12 9:48 Day 13 8:30 Day 14 9:44 Module 2 Journal

Week 3 – Strong, Balanced & Trusting

Class: Strong, Balances & Trusting 24:13 Week 3: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 15 10:33 Day 16 9:57 Day 17 9:29 Day 18 10:46 Day 19 9:57 Day 20 9:23 Day 21 10:00 Module 3 Journal

Week 4 – Empowered Relationships

Class: Empowered Relationships 28:11 Week 4: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 22 9:42 Day 23 9:48 Day 24 11:11 Day 25 9:58 Day 26 10:05 Day 27 10:14 Day 28 10:51 Week 4 Bonus Meditation 30:03 Module 4 Journal

Week 5 – Purpose & My Higher Self

Week 5: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 29 8:26 Day 30 12:44 Day 31 10:25 Day 32 + Full HIGHER SELF Kundalini Class 1:00:00 Day 33 10:53 Day 34 10:49 Day 35 12:45 Module 5 Journal

Week 6 – Activating Alignment

Week 6: Affirmations, Practices & Journal Contemplations Day 36 10:55 Day 37 11:45 Day 38 12:22 Day 39 11:55 Day 40 + Powerful Manifestation Ceremony & Celebration! 1:00:00 Module 6 Journal



This tuition includes 


1x 40-Day Course

6x 60 Minute One-On-One Sessions

"Reach-Out-Anytime" Support

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