Stefanie Bobinski

LEAD Facilitator

Stefanie believes that loving yourself can be the bravest and most badass thing you do with your life.


Stefanie practice and teaches many different yoga's, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Laughter, Kundalini, and Ecstatic Yoga. Her toolbox is full from many years of energy healing, clown classes, She's trained and certified in many traveling, art therapy, and life itself.


Her galactic playfulness and earth healing medicine vibes will have you falling head over heels for yourself.


She believes yoga should be like life: rich, nurturing, deep, silly, vivid and full of all the good stuff, and this is how she teaches.


"Take it slow, gentle, pause, cry, laugh, stomp, yell, express, release, dance, become human again. You are allowed to be fully you, in all the weird magic you carry, and whatever you are feeling, or going through, it's ok, and you are enough."

 - Stefanie

Where do you currently reside?

Costa Rica..but originally and mainly Kamloops, BC, Canada

   Please give us the details of all
your training and experience related to yoga and wellness and approximate year
in which your certifications were completed.

Tribal Tantra 200hr training, Vinyasa 50hr , Ecstatic yoga (3 days), Laughter yoga leader (3days), Vikasa 200hr, Shamanic Medicine woman's YTT 200hr.

Advanced Integrated Energy healing(2013-2017) at Langara College, Vancouver BC Canada, 700 hr, including internship, case studies, and practical training in Detox Centers, Hospitals, and Senior Citizen Centers... Called a "transformational" program, as we work through all our own stuff while offer healings. including, Documentation, energy healing, learning about biofield, the body and trauma, body reading, chakras, talking to the body to get answers into trauma and healing, use of tools to integrate, tools for self care, talking with client, working with boundaries, clearing, grounding, balancing energy. Holding a safe and supportive space. Listening. Treatments in safe touch, if wanted by client. Learning many treatments to work with different issues. Learning compassion and empathy. And much more!

I also have done a two month required anatomy course for body workers.

I have taken a weekend course in art therapy, and two months of clown classes which add play and Spiritual unraveling.

I have done many other courses in confidence, and esctatic well as reading books on healing, energy, and self love/self care.

I have taught at Karma teachers, Vancouver BC Canada, at a ladies only gym, and the last 2 months at Sound of Light in Costa Rica (2hr classes), also in Kamloops, by the lake. I have taught a couple kids yoga classes, and many different ages.

I also have have taught snowboarding and worked in tourism and customer service for years, so I am very good with people and know how to connect with anyone.

Why do you teach yoga?

Because it is my gift. I love teaching, inspiring and leading people into their power. I love watching people release and nurture themselves. I am very confident when I teach. I feel I have a great intuition of what people need, and hold space for healing, tears, laughter, release, stillness, silliness, etc. It is so rewarding, and yoga has completely changed my life and I know and hope I have and will change others lives! Yay yoga!

  What style or styles of yoga do you teach?

A mix of Hatha and Vinyasa, but I add affirmations, shamanism, energy healing, aromatherapy, water ceremonies, magic meditation journeys, sound healing, playfulness, dance, yelling, art , drawing pictures, mudras, writing affirmations, tea and cocoa as surprises, blindfold yoga, creativity, singing, much more!

What are your career goals in the field yoga and wellness?

I want to travel the world as a healer and yoga teacher. Teaching yoga retreats and classes, and yoga trainings.

What do you consider to be your most important routine practices of self-care  in relation to your mind, body, and spirit?

Dancing! Movement! Self love! Writing. Yoga. Nature. Breathe. Art!

Is there anything
else about the MAGIC that is YOU that you’d like to share with us?

I am VERY creative and always thinking of new ideas for classes! My words are very powerful, nurturing and empowering. People really really enjoy my classes...and I have had many people say my classes are their favorite . I have a much different approach to yoga.

I believe yoga should be like life... nurturing, deep, silly, light, real..and full of all the good things.

I teach every class with the intention of people falling head over heals for themselves. Unconditional love, acceptance of all feelings , and joy :)

I teach an amazing, profound and magical.

That's it :)