vocal activation training


online course


Singing is our birthright. For centuries it's how we have connected with ourselves, each other, and the divine but somewhere along the way we got blocked. We were told we didn't sound good or we were silenced in ways that affect us beyond our physical voice. Now is the time we claim it back!


Daily videos with techniques, exercises, meditations, and assignments.

This course is designed to be a 3 week (M-F) course in vocal activation!



What you will learn:

  • Removing blockages

  • Breathing 

  • Vocal exercises and techniques

  • Mindfulness and the voice

  • Support and projection

  • Energetic practices

  • Working with fear and doubt

  • Finding your own unique voice

  • And more!


About Sarah Rogo

Welcome to Alchemy Through Artistry!

My name is Sarah Rogo! I am a full time Musician, Yoga Teacher, and Artistry Coach. My story has paved my way to my passion. After 4 years of being in one of the worlds most prestigious music schools, I realized I learned just as much about my Art from my Yoga teacher training. I have a passion for bridging the Artist and business worlds into the energetic and the mindful. There is so much more to our life's work than technique and its my mission to help you understand yourself on a deep level so you may create your destiny!


$299 Paid in Full

or 3 Payments of $120