A Mood Management Luxury Women's Retreat

June 29 - July 3 2021

Cudjoe Key, Florida


5 Days/4 Nights


Includes 4 nights luxury accommodations on beautiful Cudjoe Key Florida in a shared retreat house, just 30 minutes from Key West. All meals are included as well as all workshops, classes, sessions, and group activities. Application and acceptance into the retreat is required. Our retreats fully book!


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There are moments in life, when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Unfortunately, we
don’t have a manual that offers us the tools we need to cope with such emotions nor were many of us taught this in school or as children.

Anxiety is the response to a stressor that activates the body’s fight or flight survival system. Telling yourself to calm down when your body is in full flight or fight mode and that you are in danger is not going to have an actual calming effect.

What we need is tools to help recognize the thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to heightened
anxiety, and effective coping methods that regulate a stress response. A key task to addressing
such anxiety is to enhance emotion regulation skills. Effective emotion regulation requires the
integration of body and mind that brings into consciousness the emotional states and mental
habits that affect how we feel. What we need is to CONNECT and support each other.
CONNECT is a sacred and serene space where we gather to heal the anxious mind by first
moving the body. Through movement, we are able to regulate the body and once the body is
regulated, we connect to process emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that lead to heightened
anxiety. Meeting in a group environment serves to heal one another simply by holding space; by
listening to each other with an open, accepting heart. In this space, you are understood as you
are. When you feel understood, you are free to release anything that is no longer serving you and
embrace your true identity and destiny.

CONNECT will start with the breath and body movement as a method to calm, then move
towards addressing calming the mind through group processing. Through this retreat experience,
you will gain the support and skills you need to regulate your stress response, increase your
resiliency and manage your anxiety.

Each session is 2 hours and includes time spent in directed mind, body, spirit action (i.e. breath,
yoga, and meditation), followed by sharing of information and group processing facilitated by a
licensed mental health professional. Research has shown that that engaging in mind-body
interventions coupled with promoting emotional expression and group support is effective in
reducing stress and managing anxiety.

A licensed mental health professional is equipped to help you identify the source of your
dysfunction and offer evidence based interventions to help you heal. You can feel comfortable
knowing that the person helping you is a highly educated professional who is regulated by the
state, and is trained to deal with the both the dramas of ordinary life as well as the traumas that
prevent you from living your best life.

The space

"Let today be the day you no longer dream of a better life, let today be the day you act upon it."

THe schedule:


Welcome Gift
Communal Dinner
Opening Circle:
- Grounding Meditation - Jolie
- Cacao Heart Opening Elixir
- Eva & Jolie Talk about Retreat Intentions 
- Women Introductions & Sharing Intentions 
PM Release & CalmYoga Class - Jolie
Processing Session - Eva
Outdoor Fire Circle/Star Gazing


Fruit, Coffee, Tea
AM Yoga, OSHO Shaking & Trauma Release -Jolie
Processing Session - Eva
Free Time 
Massage Options
PM Grounding Yoga & Meditation - Jolie
Processing Session - Eva
Communal Dinner


Fruit, Coffee, Tea

Double Decker Slide Boat - Pick up from Dock

AM Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on Island Beach - Jolie

Processing Session - Eva
Water/Sandbar Play
Picnic Lunch on Boat
Return to House
PM Integration Yoga & Meditation - Jolie
Processing Session - Eva


AM Anxiety Relief Yoga & Meditation - Jolie
Processing Session - Eva
Free Time to Explore Key West
PM Uplifting Yoga & Meditation - Jolie
Processing Session

Women Share personal transformations they experienced during retreat and what they are committing to mind body spirit upon arrival home



Fruit, Coffee, Tea
AM Movement Medicine Yoga & Meditation - Jolie
Processing Session - Eva
Eva & Jolie recap practices/routines to implement upon arrival home

The retreat leaders:


Mental Health Provider:

Dr. Nowakowski-Sims PhD, LCSW, MPH, RYT


Eva is a clinician, teacher, and empath who incorporates yoga as a healing strategy for clients experiencing mood related imbalances. She is a registered yoga teacher-200 and a Lifeforce Yoga® practitioner. She has more than 20 years of clinical experience working with individuals, families, and groups impacted by mood disorders and trauma. Dr. Nowakowski-Sims’ practice emphasizes the connection between the mind, body, and heart to transform and grow the higher self and social consciousness through traditional psychotherapy and the practice of yoga. While talk therapy is thought to be a critical part of the healing process; it is not enough to bring a person back into wholeness. Dr Nowakowski-Sims’ use of yoga in clinical practice facilitates healing by tapping into the deep, interior space in which the mind and heart unite, allowing clients to cope with painful emotions and deepen their relationships with others and with the world around them. Dr Nowakowski-Sims is an Associate Professor at the School of Social Work at Barry University and has authored numerous articles and facilitated trainings about movement as an adjunct healing method for persons who have experienced trauma.











Movement Medicine, Yoga, & Meditation Facilitator:

Jolie Wilson E-RYT 500 Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Visionary, Mystic, Musician, Intuit

Having studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and intuitive arts for over 20 years in many styles, Jolie believes these practices are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. As a certified yoga teacher, owner of Full Circle Yoga School, a certified paddle board yoga instructor, Reiki Level II practitioner, and teacher of kids yoga and meditation classes, she is ever delving deeper into these passions. As a mother of four and woman who found herself embarking on a journey a bit different than expected, Jolie turned toward these practices when she needed healing from depression, anxiety, and at the time what  felt like a broken life.

Through consciousness raising, treating our body as a temple, and living life as a moving meditation Jolie teaches that when we start living from our divine essence, we remember who we are and in this creation of space within ourselves we reclaim our power and infinite ability to manifest our dreams. Jolie is a believer in magic and has been witness to many miracles that the rational mind can not explain. She does not believe in limits, boundaries, or the finite and through that awareness and ever expanding awareness of consciousness she lives a life beyond. In addition to nurturing our soul and spirit, our physical body is the temple. Keeping it strong and healthy is vital to an enlightened life.  As a channeler and intuitive Jolie utilizes her clairvoyant abilities in a symbiotic way to offer spiritual readings and healings. Being of service to others and aiding them in healing their lives, improving their health, and living authentically is Jolie's life’s purpose. May all of your days be filled with infinite love, grace, beauty, and bliss! May you know you are powerful beyond measure. May you be free!! Namaste.​

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The investment:

$3499 ($3199 Early Bird before April 30) Trundle Bed Shared Loft Twin Room

$3999 ($3699 Early Bird before April 30) Loft Bedroom Twin Room

$4299 ($3999 Early Bird before April 30) Day Bed in Shared Queen Room

$4499 ($4199 Early Bird before April 30) Shared Queen Room

$4999 ($4499 Early Bird before April 30) Private Queen Room

$5499 ($4999 Early Bird before April 30) King Master Room

Additional Honeymoon Cottage Available on property 

To Apply for this retreat please fill out the contact info below!


To attend this retreat submit your information below and we will schedule a short phone interview with you to ensure our CONNECT Mood Management retreat is the best fit for you.

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"I completed a 4-day retreat with Full Circle Wellness Retreats in Key West. It was a wonderful experience. From the initial planning stages through to attendance, Jolie and staff were incredibly responsive and lovely. I was delighted by the personal attention I received. I appreciated having different lodging options (I went B&B). During the retreat, there were many yoga classes available throughout the day. I was able to attend 3 classes a day and still have time to partake in some Key West attractions and beach time. This was my first time in Key West; it is a great setting plus you can get around easily by bike. The once-a-day personal sessions were amazing. There were so many options that I found it hard to choose among them all. I chose Aromatherapy, a Reiki session, a massage, and an intention setting/manifestation coaching session. Each practitioner was skilled in her field and each session was amazing. As another example of Jolie’s personal touch, she connected me with another retreat guest who was hoping to go on a dolphin watch/Gulf tour as was I. We all went out with Mellow Ventures for a morning and Jolie led us in a singing bowl meditation on a beach on a small island. It was a special experience that I will not forget. Everyone I interacted with during the retreat was warm and welcoming. I came away from the retreat feeling renewed and blessed. I recommend Full Circle Yoga School retreats whole-heartedly." ~Deb Rae

"We had a wonderful long weekend retreat full of yoga, meditation, and beach. The instructors are truly insightful and soulful healers who went out of their way to assist us. We will definitely be back. Thank you!" ~Christine G. (a repeat retreat guest)

"This was the experience of a life time. Truly life changing and inspirational. It's a testament to God's ability to show his magic through people. I am committed to a long and loving relationship with the loving souls that I met this past weekend during my yoga retreat. I highly recommend the experience for anyone who wants to feel loved, supported, and guided on their path." ~Danet 

"We are back in Miami. Thank you so much for everything. The ladies, my co workers, all said that this was the best weekend of their lives. They all look like different people;) Everything was great! I can't wait to return!" ~Jason

​"I had more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing during a two week retreat than I accomplished with doctors, counselors, and the slew of healthcare professionals in years. I would go again in a heartbeat." ~Dustin

"Jolie, I wanted to start by saying thank you! Meeting you this past winter was so inspirational and amazing. I really felt that I was shot over the moon. What a deep transformation. I feel like I can accomplish anything I want." ~Molly Gene

Our FLORIDA KEYS training begins one wee