Online Yoga Teacher Training: Is It Right For Me?

Updated: Aug 30

Pivot. It's the unofficial word of 2020 for many—including yoga teacher training programs. But thanks to a generous amount of technology and a dash of ingenuity, aspiring yogis now need little more than an internet connection to embark on their online yoga teacher training journey.

Is an online yoga school slightly different from what you first envisioned for your yoga teacher training journey? If so, you're not alone. But here's some good news: The best online yoga teacher training programs not only offer unique benefits, but also limitless opportunities for personal transformation and growth.

A bold claim, right? Let's back it up with these five specific benefits of getting your yoga certification online.

The 5 Benefits Of An Online Yoga School

Online Yoga Teacher Training

1. An Online Yoga Certification Is Convenient

Say hello to flexibility—and not just the kind that lets you touch your toes. (Sorry, we couldn't resist. 😉)

One of the top reasons to choose an online yoga teacher training program is for convenience. Whether you're juggling a full-time job, raising your kids, attending classes, or whatever else, get certified at your own pace with an online yoga school.

Our 200-hour online yoga teacher training program consists of 21 modules; complete one each day to finish the training in three weeks or work through the material at your own pace.

Wanna dive deep into energetic healing or anatomy from the comfort of your couch? No judgment here. The true practice of Yoga is about expanding our consciousness and living in a higher vibration. This transformation is available to you—no matter where you roll out your mat and tune into class.

2. Lifetime Access To Training Materials

Instructing Yoga During Hour Yoga Teacher Training

From deepening your understanding of Prana to learning the art of sequencing, there's a lot of material to cover in a yoga teacher training program. With Full Circle's online yoga school, you get lifetime access to videos and training materials so you can rewatch the lessons and meditations again and again.

At Full Circle, we believe in going beyond the yoga certification requirements. Our online teacher trainings are carefully curated to facilitate the health and healing of the mind, body, and soul. We cover A LOT in 21 modules.

Yes, you'll graduate with the skills you need to teach Yoga confidently. But don't be surprised if you find yourself continually returning to the material to go deeper, both professionally and personally.