Summer Cowhig






Flower Essences


Hello friends! 

My name is Summer Cowhig. I was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida- living the beach life dream, with added interest in world travel and cultural experiences. I naturally left my hometown at 18, moved to California. Traveling coast to coast until I found my way to Colorado 10 years later, where I found my truest essence.

In Colorado I received certifications in Clinical Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition and Flower Essences, and studied with astoundingly brilliant teachers and a highly inspirational group of peers. Fully supported and rooted in love and compassion, I was able to level with lifetimes of grief and, as I like to call them, 'initiations'. Afterwards, I returned to my roots, wanting to fully embody and share these jewels of wisdom and knowledge with my chosen family back home. Upon homecoming I continued my studies, receiving certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Vedic Thai Restorative Yoga. 


After my first Vedic Thai certification program, the direction of my life shifted. I found my true dharma. Though I love applying herbs medicinally and working with plant spirit medicine, I felt a new deep sensation of gratitude to provide therapeutic, loving touch with intention to activate healing energies. Vedic Thai Yoga is a highly revered and sanctified folk art, combining restorative postures with a gentle pressure applied to the meridian lines. I love to hold sacred space, allowing deep and transformative self empowerment and reflection. I am passionate about lifting and shifting, energetic, emotional and behavioral patterns adopted from life experiences of trauma. Inside every one of us is an innate wisdom and power to heal ourselves. I love to be a part of the awakening of these subtle bodies through different healing modalities including Vedic Thai, Yoga and Flower Essences to assist in the transformation process. 

For fun, besides traveling, and learning new healing modalities, I love climbing trees, singing to plants and body surfing in the ocean. I believe in Nature’s Cure, so you can find me spending time of solitude in nature, enjoying wind and water therapies and expressive creative outlets. I love to express my essence through writing poetry and sing mantra.  I open a transformative, safe and sacred space for all those I work with. 


I love to practice the power of Presence! When you turn your expectations into appreciation your whole world will shift in the most beautifully supportive ways.

There will always be dishes to wash and laundry to do,

fridges to fill and things to wipe down with a damp cloth.

Treat these things as the steps of the ashram

and then every action becomes an offering to the Divine,

every step an opportunity to exhale into what is, 

every dish a precious jewel in the mountain of now.