What is it Like to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor? Advice From Real Teachers

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You’ve probably heard that becoming a yoga teacher is a transformative experience.

But students attend YTT for all kinds of reasons, and it impacts every person in a profoundly unique way. In fact, yoga teacher training often ends up changing someone's life in areas they never expected.

To know what its really like to become a certified yoga instructor, you have to ask those who've experienced it. We chatted with six Full Circle Yoga School alumni to learn how yoga teacher training changed their life for good.

Jackie Ruane

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How did YTT change you?

I knew I was going to like immersing myself into an environment filled with yoga. However, I did not know how much self-growth would occur within the 2 weeks of the training. I’ve experienced epiphanies before, but not to this extent.

The yoga teacher training was like experiencing a life-changing epiphany, several times a day. My perspective, thoughts, and energy completely transformed. The way I lived every aspect of my life transformed. It felt like I opened my eyes into an entirely different life — a life that I could find happiness in any situation.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to attend a teacher training?

If you are considering a yoga-teacher training — notice if it feels right. If it feels right, do it. The yoga teacher training experience is too profound to worry about the little stuff, just do it!

Don Leslie

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What are some of the highlights of yoga teacher training with Full Circle Yoga School?

When I think back to yoga teacher training one of the highlights for me was visiting White Sands Buddhist Temple for their Sunday dharma service and luncheon. It was an amazing experience and the temple is now on my permanent list of things to visit whenever I am even remotely close. Another highlight for me was the full moon drum circle that we attended on the beach. It was a wonderful gathering of people all there to just bang a drum, dance, and just have a really good time under the full moon.

What did you learn about yourself?