Morning Meditation Practice: How to Find Daily Zen in a Busy Life

Updated: Jul 30

Could a consistent morning meditation practice change your life? We say absolutely!

Trust us—we know how hectic mornings can be. Our founder, Jolie, is the mother of four boys, after all! While the thought of carving out extra time for a morning meditation practice might seem absolutely impossible, even a few mindful minutes have the power to change the course of your day. Change enough days, and you've changed your life!

A morning meditation practice doesn't have to be as anxiety inducing as it sounds. If you’re ready to experience the profound benefits of a morning mindfulness routine, here are our top tips to get started:

How To Find Time For A Morning Meditation Practice

Carve out Space and Time for Stillness

We all have duties and responsibilities to attend to — things we often have to put before our own self-care. But all it takes to start a morning meditation practice is five extra minutes. If you've never meditated. worked on chakra balancing or created a mindfulness routine before, don't feel like you need to start each day cross-legged and chanting for an hour. The goal is to create space for stillness—and even five minutes daily can lead to profound changes in your mood, energy, and spirit.

Think about ways you can free up more time in your morning routine:

Can you spend five minutes less checking your email or social media in the morning?

Is it possible to wake up five minutes earlier?

How can you shorten any aspect of your morning routine? How about your shower?

How can you prepare the night before? Can you make breakfast or set out your work clothes?

Can your partner lend a hand with any aspect of your family's morning routine?

Can you make an arrangement with your boss to arrive 10 minutes late

(and stay for an extra 10)?