Mudras: Everything You Need To Know + 8 Powerful Mudras To Practice Now

Have you ever been sitting in meditation when the instructor guides you to place your hands on your knees, the index finger and thumb gently touching? Did you wonder if this hand gesture had any real importance on the profoundness of your yoga practice? As it turns out, it does!

You were practicing a mudra—a sacred hand gesture and a powerful tool to transform consciousness.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘mudra’ means ‘seal.’ To understand the power of mudras, it’s essential to know this ancient tradition believes parts of the hand and fingers connect to various body areas. By practicing different mudras, we guide the flow of energy for healing and harmony within the body and mind.

According to Ayurveda, mudras also relate to tattvas, the five elements that make up reality. Each tattva—earth, air, fire, water, and space—is also connected to a different finger. By practicing Mudras, we can create harmony between these five tattvas and bring balance to our lives. Not all mudras are performed with the hands, but these are the ones we will focus on today.

While the energetic changes stimulated by mudras might seem subtle at first, you’ll likely experience complex physical, mental, and spiritual changes with continued practice. Once mudras become a consistent part of your yoga practice, you might even find yourself calling upon them for mental clarity, calmness, and energy during specific situations!

Let’s dive into the benefits of 8 different mudras you can start practicing right now. Practice these mudras for at least two minutes to feel the benefits.

10 Powerful Mudras To Practice Right Now

1. Gyan Mudra

Let’s start with the mudra we mentioned in the opening. The Gyan Mudra is perhaps the most familiar to yoga students, often used in meditation. That’s because it can invoke deep calmness and improve concentration, creativity, and insight.

How To Practice The Gyan Mudra

With your palms facing up, lightly join the thumb and index fingers together. Keep the middle, ring, and pinky fingers straight and connected.