Exploring Emotional Pain In The Body: How Emotions Present Themselves as Physical Ailments

Updated: Jul 30

exploring emotional pain in the body through yoga

When you experience physical body pain, how often do you pause to acknowledge that your physical ailment could be a manifestation of your emotional pain? Undesired or painful physical symptoms in the body are often linked to the negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or attitudes that we hold onto in our minds. And, as the mind and body are so intricately and closely connected, the longer we cling to these negative thoughts, the more it can impair our health.

The link between the mind and body

link between mind and body yoga

Your emotions, whether positive or negative, can affect the physical state of your body. At the same time, how you take care of your body impacts your mental state. This complex mind-body connection serves as a reminder that if we want to heal ourselves, we must be willing to look at our entire being. The approach we must take to better our health is a holistic one that recognizes everything occurring within us is integral. So, while understanding and exploring emotional pain through the lens of the physical body isn't the most widely taken approach to overall health and wellness, it is an effective one.

Your optimal health and healing depend upon your ability to recognize the interdependence between your emotions and body to achieve balance. In other words, if one aspect of your health isn't working properly, it affects the others, which can ultimately harm your overall health and wellness.

How emotions show up as physical ailments

emotions as physical ailments in yoga

Can you recall a time where you were feeling stressed out or anxious about something, so your heart started beating quickly, your palms began to sweat, and you got the feeling of having a knot in your stomach? These are just a few manifestations of emotions like anxiety or stress that most of us can relate to, and it's one way of understanding the fascinating linkage between the body and mind.

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