Planning A Yoga Class: 10 Tips For Creative + Effective Sequences

Updated: Jul 30

You've finished your online yoga teacher training program and are ready to begin the rewarding journey that is guiding others deeper into the practice of yoga. But now that it's time to sequence yoga classes regularly, maybe you're feeling a bit stuck or uninspired.

Don't worry! Planning a yoga class can seem like a daunting task—even for veteran yoga teachers. This is especially true if you're trying to craft unique, creative sequences that help you stand out from the sea of sameness—yet still promise safe, powerful, and effective yoga classes for your students.

At Full Circle, we're passionate about helping you plan purposeful yoga classes that, in turn, have a more significant impact on your students. If you're ready to expand your toolkit and bring your yoga students into profound mind-body-soul awareness, here are our top tips for planning compelling yoga classes.

Planning A Yoga Class: 10 Tips For Creative + Effective Sequences

1. Have A Yoga Class Plan

The first step of planning a yoga class is simple: take the time to have a class plan! While many yoga teachers think they can "wing it" on the spot, it's always worth the effort to take a few moments and intentionally write out your yoga class plan. We recommend having a notebook specifically for your yoga sequences and any quotes, teachings, or other themes you would like to bring to your yoga students. Never underestimate the value of showing up for your yoga students with intentionality and purpose.

2. Consider A Theme

Adding a theme to your yoga class is a compelling way to bring your students into deeper awareness and purpose during practice. New to themed yoga classes? In that case, our Theme Your Yoga Classes course is a fantastic way to expand your teaching knowledge, step into becoming a more intuitive teacher, and develop both personally and as a yoga teacher.

In our Theme Your Yoga Classes course, we explore the history of themed yoga classes and cover a wide variety of yoga class topics, including winter and summer solstice, spring and fall equinox, chakras, deities, moon phases, and more. For each yoga theme, you'll receive an entire printable class plan of asanas, a Spotify yoga class playlist, and even a recording of our founder, Jolie, teaching the class!

Using themes when planning your yoga classes is one of the most impactful ways to elevate your students' yoga experience. Whether you're new to themes or merely looking for unique ideas to incorporate into your sequences, check out our Theme Your Yoga Classes course for inspiration.

3. Flow Towards A Peak Pose