5 Reasons to Take Your Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

There’s no denying that Bali is one of the most spiritual and serene places on earth. Steeped in the gentle traditions of Hindu culture, Bali has a positive and uplifting atmosphere that has called to travelers, mystics, and yogis for hundreds of years.

These are just a few reasons why so many people choose to take their yoga teacher training course in Bali. Whether you’re called by the ocean, the history of asana, or the culture of devotion, here are 5 reasons why a Bali yoga teacher training will change your life.

Learn about the Ancient Traditions of Yoga

Many modern yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses forgo the ancient traditions of yoga in pursuit of a workout or a picture-perfect body. Yoga is so much more than exercise, and going to Bali is the perfect way to learn this.

Why? Because a yoga teacher training in Bali will immerse you in the many teachings of yoga that transform everyday life. Whether it’s visiting the sacred Uluwatu temple or watching the daily devotionals of Hindu women, you’ll learn how to live and breathe the yoga lifestyle.

The Full Circle Yoga School yoga teacher training in Bali immerses students in history and mythology of yoga. Rather than simply learning Sanskrit names for each pose, students learn the stories of gods and goddesses that have inspired each asana. This helps budding teachers create more enriching classes that offer meaning and inspiration for life off the mat.

photo by Artem Beliaikin

Connect with Your Soul in Mother Nature

From the laid-back beach vibes of Canggu to the mystical monkey rainforests of Ubud, Bali holds no shortage of opportunities to experience mother nature. The practice of yoga is inextricably tied to earth and our relationship to it. One of the primary goals of yoga is learning how to feel grounded in our truest form. This is achieved by our connection to the earth: listening to the sounds and feelings in our environment brings us closer to our truest nature.

Can you think of a better way to connect to the earth than being surrounded by ocean, forests, and rice fields? Better yet, most Bali yoga shalas and meditation centers feature open-air architecture, meaning you’ll spend most of your training days overlooking rice fields, practicing on the beach, drinking in fresh island air, and falling asleep to the rustle of palm trees.

Embody Ritual and Intention from the Balinese People

Regardless of how you identify spiritually, Balinese people can provide many lessons on how to live a life filled with love and devotion. In the mornings, you’ll notice the maternal figure in each family temple setting out offerings to the gods filled with flowers, incense, and other beautiful and sacred objects. These offerings are infused with positivity and love — they’re symbolic of the woman’s intentions for protecting her family and promoting peace on earth. This can serve as an inspiring example of the power of ritual and routine.

Yoga teacher training students can embody this practice by creating their own morning routine of love and devotion, which may look different for everyone. Perhaps devoting yourself to a meditation practice each morning sets a positive tone for the day. Or, maybe you decide to write intentions for peace and love in your journal each day. No matter what it is, Bali will inspire you to be a more loving and intentional being.

Find Your Place in the World

Bali is one of the only places on earth that weaves modern yoga trends with the practice’s important historical roots. In addition to healthy vegan fare, insta-worthy beach bars, and trendy architecture, you’ll find ancient temples, meditation centers, and sacred historical sites.

This blend of old and new, enriching and emerging, provides modern spiritual seekers with the perfect tools to grow, explore, and expand. Many people who have felt lost and alone in life feel at home in Bali, even though it’s often the farthest place from home they’ve ever been. Those who are seeking to deepen their connection to soul and spirit through yoga will likely find a sense of home in Bali, too.

Make Soul Connections and Reunite with Your Tribe

Do you ever feel like you have to try to fit in with those around you? Do you feel like your friends (and maybe even family members) don’t really “get” you? You’re not alone!

Thousands of people flock to Bali each year because they’re in search of like-minded people. They’re looking for something different than the status quo; a way to infuse more meaning into daily life. These are the people who long to find others interested in spiritual development, ancient wisdom, and natural beauty.

What happens when you fill an island with people looking for the same thing? You get an explosion of soul connections, friendships, and lifelong relationships that were always meant to be. Attending a yoga teacher training in Bali is a way of manifesting the people you’ve always longed to have in your life.

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

If you’re feeling called to take a yoga teacher training in Bali, you’re probably already ready to take the leap. Remember: diving into the unknown doesn’t mean you’re unprepared. It simply means you’re willing to surrender (and maybe even get a little lost) in pursuit of meaning, love, and belonging.

Find out more about Full Circle Yoga School teacher training courses and sign up for your next adventure today!

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