26 Words/Phrases To Never Use During Yoga (And What To Say Instead)

Updated: Jul 30

The words you use have power. Even if it's unintentional, your words can have a profound negative impact on your yoga practice. When used consciously, words can be an incredibly positive force. Substituting high vibrational verbiage for discouraging or abrasive language can be the difference between spiritual awakening and trauma.

Today we're sharing 26 words and phrases that have no business being in your yoga practice. We'll also give you some great alternatives to replace them with so you can continue to progress on your journey to your best self!

26 Words/Phrases To Never Use During Yoga (And What To Say Instead)

Words To Never Use During Yoga

UM/ SO/ LIKE/ HERE- These are all filler words and create an energy that comes across as being unsure. Practice removing filled space with expansive words or breath expression.

YOU KNOW- This is an assumption/ filler word/ people come to yoga to learn depth. Take this entirely out of your teaching speech.

KILL- Kill your ego... kill your self (Bikram)... my so and so is killing me..... Remove any language that indicates the word kill in it. Not only is it a low vibrational word, but it is also a manifesting word that allows dis-ease in those around you and yourself.

SHOULD/ NEED- These are judgment words. Avoid "You should feel this, or you need to feel that." Replace these phrases through explorative speech such as "You may begin to feel..." or "Explore through sensation..."

ING words- Be as present with your directions as possible. Be in the now. Place vs. placing, breath vs. breathing, inhale vs. inhaling, etc...

Group Yoga Words To Never Use

OUR/WE/LET'S- Speak to the individual as you teach. When speaking of human characters, it is acceptable to use a collective form.

REACH- Creates space for unaligned postures and compromises the integrity of the joint. Exchange this phrase for words like extend, lift, float, enhance, expand, lengthen, contract and press.

GUNNA- Truly, let go of this word while you're teaching.

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YOU/YOU'LL WANNA- Exchange for create, explore, invite.