Why Costa Rica Is the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training Location

You have a passion for yoga and a desire to teach it. You probably know by now that yoga is much more than a series of postures that prioritize building flexibility, strength, and balance in the body. Instead, yoga postures are tools that teach flexibility, strength, and balance of the mind and heart.

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

In other words, yoga is not merely a practice but a way of life, and someday, you will be teaching beyond the poses. Inspiring your future students to search for what is deep within requires you to dive deeper into your own truth and the truth of yoga. Being the teacher and person you want to be means living your yoga. What better way to do this than to become completely immersed in the whole experience?

Becoming a 200-hour yoga teacher is one thing - something you can learn virtually anywhere. But enrolling in a 200-hour yoga teacher training immersion in Costa Rica will teach you and change you.

Yoga teacher training is a big decision. If you have found yourself unsure of where to do yours, here are a few reasons to consider the beautiful sacred lands of Costa Rica.

Exploring the Nature and Biodiversity

yoga teacher training in costa rica waterfall

Many people might agree that Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to escape your everyday life for a while. This rainforested country with its beautiful beaches, coastlines, and volcanoes can attest to that. Exploring Costa Rica’s jungle filled with diverse wildlife will surely make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a new world. And while it truly is spectacular, we consider coming to Costa Rica less of an escape and more of a homecoming - a return to your biodiverse roots.

Costa Rica is the perfect place to come to reinforce and deepen your connection with nature. During your time here, you will begin to acclimate to not only the climate but the various habitats around you. You will start to feel rooted and grounded and more as if you belong. The more you settle in and become inspired by the beauty and wonder of all that is around you, it can ignite a newfound level of enthusiasm within you. A desire to learn more about yourself, what you have to offer this world, and what you can offer as a yoga teacher.

Throughout your yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, you may start to feel more carefree, confident, and open as your exploration of the world around you translates to and encourages exploration within.

Eating a Plant-Based Yogic Diet

meals during costa rica yoga teacher training

Eating a yogic diet means eating fresh foods, whole and plant-based. In Ayurveda, a nourishing diet that values energizing and balancing the body is known as a sattvic diet. When you eat a plant-based diet and do not eat meat, you do not participate in animal cruelty. This way of eating and being observes the yogic principle known as “ahimsa,” or non-violence.