10 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Elevates Your Life and Practice (Even if You Don’t Teach)

Updated: Jun 27

A yoga teacher training course can offer a wealth of knowledge in fields like wellness, spirituality, anatomy, history, and energy healing. In addition to learning how to teach, the best yoga teacher training courses offer tools and practices to heal your mind, body, and soul.

For this reason, a yoga teacher training can be immensely beneficial to those wanting to deepen their practice and knowledge — even if they’re not sure about teaching. In fact, many students of all ages take yoga teacher training courses without any intention of becoming an instructor. From learning safe asana alignment to healing your chakras, here are 10 ways a yoga teacher training course elevates your practice and your life.

1. Discover Yoga’s Roots

Did you know that there’s more to yoga than asanas (physical poses) and meditation? The average modern yoga class only touches on a fraction of what yoga truly is. Taking a yoga teacher training exposes you to the foundational teachings of yoga, which extend far beyond the mat. Specifically, you’ll learn about the eight limbs of yoga, which are guidelines for living an ethical, peaceful, high-vibrational life. You’ll also learn about energetic systems in the body and how to harness and release energies for a more fulfilled life experience.

2. Gain Knowledge of Anatomy and Alignment

Learning about anatomy is one of the greatest ways to deepen your yoga practice. Specifically, knowing which muscles you’re engaging in a pose helps you better understand its benefits. Having a stronger understanding of bodily systems also helps you create your own safe and effective sequences at home. Whether you’re suffering from a headache or you’d like to create more spaciousness in your hips, learning yoga anatomy will make your practice more goal-oriented.

3. Learn to Balance Your Chakras

You’ve likely heard about chakras, but do you know what they are and how they work? A yoga teacher training will introduce you to the chakras, which are the body’s energy systems. Learning about balancing your chakras can help you identify imbalances both in yourself and your loved ones. You’ll learn about how to heal the chakra systems through yoga, nutrition, crystals, nature, relationships, and other mystical elements and lifestyle factors.

4. Find a Sense of Belonging

Yoga teacher trainings draw students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Still, most people at a yoga teacher training have one thing in common: a love of yoga and a desire to grow and learn. Immersive yoga teacher trainings are purposefully designed to create a sense of unity and belonging among students in a class. As a result, they provide the chance not only to make new friends, but to discover lifelong soul connections.